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I am sharing the Veery, it is a breeder in the woods near our home in Maryland. They have a weird sound and call, I usually hear them more then see them. But on this day hubby and I were walking on the fire road and there were two calling and we had some great views.

The Veery is a small Thrush species. The adults have a light brown upperpart, underparts are white and the breast has faint brown spots.

It is one of my favorite local breeding birds and is always a treat to see.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday's Critters #188

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For this week's post I am sharing some birds we saw while visiting Sequim and Port Angeles Washington. This was our second trip to this area of Washington state, the last trip was back in 2015. During our visit we went to a few birding spots like the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge and the Dungeness Spit, Helen Pond at Three Crabs Road and the Ediz Hook in Port Angeles.

The Dungeness Spit located in Sequim at the Dungeness National Wildlife refuge.

At the Dungeness Nat'l Wildlife Refuge we had to wait out a little rain before we hiked the trail down to the Dungeness Spit. Below are photos of the trail thru the woods, a Rough Skinned Newt, a view of the Dungeness Spit on a cloudy day, driftwood, two Black Oystercatchers, a large group of Cormorants and maybe with a few Mergansers. We found another Rough-skinned Newt on the way back up the trail.

There were signs warning hikers about these Rough-skinned Newts that produce a toxin from their skin. The toxin could irritate your eyes or skin if you should happen to pick up or touch one of these Rough-skinned Newts. They could be seen on the trail or crossing the trail as we walked.

I have a lifer from my 2017 Washington trip it is the Western Sandpiper seen below with the Semipalmated Plover.

Semipalmated Plovers and some Western Sandpipers were seen along Three Crabs Road in Sequim.

We spent the night in Port Angeles Washington and we visited the Ediz Hook, another spit of land. Here we saw a big flock of Brant Geese and lots of Rhinoceros Auklets.

Lots of Brant Geese at the Ediz Hook spit in Port Angeles Washington.

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